Food For Thought

How much is shipping?

Currently, Monogenius offers FREE shipping (another stroke of genius right there!). Do note that custom fees or additional fees may apply for your country. Please contact your local customs office for more info.

Where do we ship to?

We are able to ship anywhere in the world. However, in some instances, freight cost may be charged.

When will my items arrive?

Because each pair Monogenius shoes is customised, it will take 6 to 8 weeks to produce and another week (estimated) for shipping.

Prior to being shipped, you will receive a shipping confirmation (via email) with a tracking number. You will be able to track your with the provided website.

How do I customise my shoes?


Step 1: Choose your style of canvas shoes.

Step 2: Select your shoe size.

Step 3: Upload your design (50cm x 50cm in 400dpi).

Step 4: Select shoe accessories and review your design.

Step 5. Preview your creation.

Step 6. Place your order!

How to measure your foot

Step 1: Use a pencil and outline your foot onto a piece of paper.

Step 2: Use a ruler and measure the length of your foot.

Step 3: Use a piece of string and wrap around the widest part of your foot. Then, measure the string using a ruler to obtain the width of your foot.

Step 4: After measuring your foot, please refer to the size chart and choose one or two sizes larger for comfort.

Returning unloved creations:

We’d like to make sure you love your creations. In the event that you need to return your creation, please contact [email protected]

Do I keep the rights to my artwork?

Of course you do! If you submitted an original artwork, you reserve 100% rights to it. Your work will not be reprinted for sale.

What kind of artwork will be disallowed by Monogenius Pty Ltd?

Please ensure that your artwork is 50cm x 50cm in 400dpi.